En los límites y horizontes de la traducción del texto poético entre lenguas afines: Alda Merini, estudio de caso

Víctor Anguita Martínez
2022 Romanica Cracoviensia  
On the Limits and Horizons of Translation of Poetic Texts Between Cognate Languages: Alda Merini. A Case Study The present study concentrates on the translation between cognated languages of the poetic genre with a contrastive approach. In order to demonstrate the degree of influence between languages when trasferring interlinguistically a poem, we will rely on the contributions of translation theorits to explain the process of transfer. For our purpose, we have selected two poems from La Terra
more » ... Santa (1984) by Alda Merini, focused on her personal experience inside the psychiatric institution. We will reconstruct the peculiarities of her biography to get into the personal content hidden in her rhetoric in order to understand the original text and thus recreate it in the target language.
doi:10.4467/20843917rc.22.002.15634 fatcat:vezf5v4fhnfzzjd3vvjxj7cdim