Psychometric Features of Children Life Styles Inventory

Ahmet Ragıp ÖZPOLAT, İsa Yücel İŞGÖR, Sırrı AKBABA, Ahmet YİĞİT
2013 World Journal of Education  
Children Life Styles Inventory was developed by Stiles & Wilborn and in this study, Psychometric features of the inventory in Turkey is researched. At the end of the study, it was found that correlation coefficient among original and applied form points was .87 for linguistic equivalence. Structural and consistence validity of Turkish form were analyzed. At the end of explanatory factor analysis, it was found that Children Life Style Inventory has 6 factors like in its original form and items
more » ... al form and items in sub-factors coincided with the items in original inventory. On the other hand, for consistence study of Children Life Styles Inventory, original scale was taken into consideration. Scale's data in terms of Turkish reliability and validity were also positive. At the end of DFA, it was found that χ 2 (938.94) sd (290) (χ 2 /sd= 3.23), RMSEA (.07) RMR (.08) SRMR (.07) GFI (.95) AGFI (.93) CFI (96)
doi:10.5430/wje.v3n2p50 fatcat:yg3pftdrf5boje7scolfolfe5a