An Effect of Erasure Decoding Scheme in FH/SSMA Systems with RS Codes and M-ary FSK Signaling

Jeong Gon Kim
2015 unpublished
In this paper, we analyze an effect of erasure decoding scheme for RS (Reed-Solomon) codes in frequency-hopped multiple-access systems with M-ary FSK signaling. RS coding is used to correct erasures and errors caused by other-user interference and thermal noise. The proposed decoding scheme carries out the adaptive erasure-decision process according to the channel traffic prior to decoding process. Numerical results show that the proposed decoding can provide the possibility of throughput
more » ... se in the range of higher channel traffic environment.
doi:10.14257/astl.2015.99.53 fatcat:5jthftxqtree3lra5mhsts3nqa