Application of a Tensile Test Method for the Evaluation of Unraveling State of Fibrous Filler in Powder-Fiber Mixtures

Yoshiyuki SUGAI, Munetake SATOH
1999 Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan  
Characterstic curves of tensile stress versus displacement(σ-δ curve)for loosely packed powder beds (high void fraction) containing fibrous materials have been measured to evaluate the mixing and unraveling states of fibers as a filler for composite materials by using a separable cell type tensile tester. The values of energy consumption calculated from the σ-δ curves were used to discuss the relationships among unraveling and/or formation of the fiber network state in the bulk powders and
more » ... imental conditions. As a result, it has been shown that the unraveled degree of fibers could be evaluated by the calculated energy consumption for pulling out a single fiber from the powder bed.
doi:10.4164/sptj.36.10 fatcat:ytllsq56szfqlllhfcqewkdomm