Epidemiologic survey of traumatic dental injuries in children seen at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Marina Alvine de Jesus, Lívia Azeredo A. Antunes, Patrícia de Andrade Risso, Marcos Vinícius Freire, Lucianne Cople Maia
2010 Brazilian Oral Research  
This epidemiologic survey aimed at assessing the prevalence of traumatic dental injuries in children seen at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The records of a total of 111 children (aged 0 to 6 years) seen from 2004 to 2006 in the dental trauma clinic were surveyed, comprising a total of 201 traumatized primary teeth. Data pertaining to the child and to the trauma such as age, gender, etiology, teeth involved, type of traumatic injury, time elapsed between the trauma and
more » ... e trauma and seeking care, and the presence and kind of clinical and radiographic sequelae in the first visit were collected from the dental records. All variables studied were assessed by means of frequency analysis and the Chi-square test (p < 0.05). A higher prevalence of trauma was observed in boys (56.7%) and in the age group from 0-3 years (73.8%). The most affected teeth were the central incisors (84.7%) and the most common trauma etiology was a fall from the child's own height (63.0%). The supporting tissues were the most affected. Lateral luxation was the most frequent alteration observed (33.4%), followed by concussion (21.0%). Coronal discoloration (17.7%) and external resorption (18.3%) were, respectively, the most prevalent clinical and radiographic sequelae. Gender had no influence on the clinical (p = 0.54) and radiographic (p = 0.55) sequelae. Even though age had no influence on radiographic sequelae (p = 0.41), clinical sequelae were more prevalent in children aged 0 to 3 years (p = 0.03). In conclusion, traumatisms in primary teeth were more prevalent in boys, and in 0-3-year-old children. Luxation was the most frequent traumatic lesion, and coronal discoloration and external resorption were the most prevalent sequelae.
doi:10.1590/s1806-83242010000100015 pmid:20339720 fatcat:ijextuyj7bdj3kqiajqrkhs67u