Colonization of the oral cavity by Candida species: risk factors in long-term geriatric care

Anne M Grimoud, Nicole Marty, Hélène Bocquet, Sandrine Andrieu, Jean P Lodter, Gérard Chabanon
2003 Journal of Oral Science  
The population of elderly people in hospitals for long-term geriatric care presents many risk factors for nosocomial infection by Candida species. The aim of this work was to reduce the risk of C. albicans nosocomial infections starting from colonization of the oral cavity. The population of concern was the patients in long-stay geriatrics units; a sample of 110 people was selected by drawing lots. The clinical and biological parameters of each patient included in the study were recorded. The
more » ... ere recorded. The oral cavity was colonized by Candida spp in 67% of cases. The distribution of the strains showed that C. albicans was the most frequently identified strain, followed by C. glabrata; of the 73 patients with at least one strain of Candida spp., 47 had a clinically diagnosed candidiasis (64.4%). The wearing of dentures was not statistically linked with the development of oral candidiasis. Detecting which patients have been colonized, identifying the risk factors and applying preventive measures should reduce the probability of elderly people falling into the vicious circle of infection-malnutrition-immune-depression.
pmid:12816366 fatcat:5d4c7zmhpjcdbone6rmv6ylwuq