Золотько А. А.
2022 Zenodo  
This article is devoted to the study of the linguistic means of formation of subtext in the poem "White Hands" by Boris Slutsky. The study is based on the theoretical works of A.A. Potebnja, A.N. Veselovsky and other scholars, who devoted their researches to the interpretation of the poetic text. The article focuses attention on the morphological level of the poem, the study of which provides an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the subtext of the poetic work. The years of Boris
more » ... s work date back to the Soviet period, during which there was strict moral censorship, both in the literary and in the daily environment. Because of this, artists were forced to hide the true meaning of their works behind a mask of allegories. Despite the fact that Boris Slutsky is traditionally considered a poet whose work is free of love motifs, we found some evidence that this judgement is not entirely correct. The linguistic elements of the analyzed text, in their combination, create the basis for the actualization of the inner form, which expands the range of references, creating a certain subtext of the work. In the article, we successively prove that the poem contains erotic connotations connected with female sexuality.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6449901 fatcat:5gsya7xggng3jhrf7bwhjcdwj4