Calculating the equivalent temperature for mechanistic pavement design according to the French method for Hungarian climatic conditions

Csaba Tóth, László Pethő
2021 Acta Technica Jaurinensis  
The French pavement design method provides a very comprehensive, probability-based design approach. It also provides a fairly sophisticated method for establishing the equivalent pavement temperature, which has been used worldwide for different applications. The objective was to analyse the applicability of the French method for calculating the equivalent pavement temperature for Hungarian climatic conditions. It considers the thickness of the pavement structure and facilitate pavement
more » ... re distribution. It was found that the French method provides a comprehensive approach and can facilitate variable climatic conditions and pavement temperature distribution while considering the thickness of the pavement structure. This provides fit for purpose solutions and eliminates the overly simplified approach to use a single equivalent pavement temperature for variable climatic and pavement conditions. Real pavement temperature data provided crucial input into the accuracy of the methodology. Asphalt modulus values and asphalt fatigue properties at different temperatures were estimated using an internationally well accepted method. The next focus item of this research work will be to refine the calculations based on asphalt modulus master-curves and fatigue data collected from laboratory testing at different temperatures.
doi:10.14513/actatechjaur.00602 fatcat:56dbnw3eijghvjvgyfwcu2ufme