2016 Proceedings of International Research Clinic & Scientific Publications of Educational Technology   unpublished
Using information and communication technology (ICT) must do it, now. Implementation ICT in instructional is computer. Using computer in instructional shouldn't tools, but as cognitive tools in solve to problem. Mindtools is computer applications that, when used by learners to represent what they know, necessarily engage them in critical thinking about the content they are studying. Instructional activities should be directed to the problem solving process. Mindtools very appropriate to be
more » ... ed to solve the problem.Various computer applications in a mindtools to be able to solve the problem. Computer applications that can be used as mindtoolsie Organization Tools, Dynamic Modeling Tools, Information Interpretation Tools, Knowledge Construction Tools, Hypermedia, and Conversation Tools. Problem solving using technology consists of five stages identification of the problem, determine which keywords, search, checking, and communicate. The five application contained in such computer support problem-solving process. Implementation mindtools in the problem solving process will bring learners to think critically, and creatively.