Frequency of firefighters' heat-related illness and its association with removing personal protective equipment and working hours

Siyeon KIM, Do-Hee KIM, Hyo-Hyun LEE, Joo-Young LEE
2018 Industrial Health  
6 The purpose of this study was to examine the frequency of firefighters' heat-7 related illness (HRI) in the line of duty with relation to resting/working hours and 8 the behaviour of taking off PPE during rest periods based on nationwide survey 9 (N=674). The results showed that 74.8% of firefighters experienced HRI 10 symptoms and 5% of firefighters suffered from symptoms of HRI 20 times or 11 more in a year. This study also showed a statistically significant correlation 12 between working
more » ... 2 between working hours and removing PPE with the experience of HRI symptoms 13 (P<.05). In addition, removing PPE except the helmet was correlated with resting 14 hours (P<.001; Gloves: P = .051), which indicates removing PPE is related to 15 resting time. This study revealed that firefighters routinely experienced mild HRI 16 symptoms and the fatalities were just a tiny fraction. It is also emphasized that 17 attention should be given on the significant role of taking off PPE during rest and 18 on the standardized firefighters' rehabilitation followed by its application. 19
doi:10.2486/indhealth.2018-0063 pmid:30210098 fatcat:xkpcwe6f5zbsfprpdppxaidl6a