Synchronous Measurements of Electron Bunches Under the Influence of the Microbunching Instability

M. Brosi, T. Boltz, E. Bründermann, S. Funkner, B. Kehrer, M.J. Nasse, G. Niehues, M.M. Patil, P. Schönfeldt, P. Schreiber, J.L. Steinmann, A.-S. Müller
The microbunching instability is a longitudinal collective instability which occurs for short electron bunches in a storage ring above a certain threshold current. The instability leads to a charge modulation in the longitudinal phase space. The resulting substructures on the longitudinal bunch profile vary over time and lead to fluctuations in the emitted power of coherent synchrotron radiation (CSR). To study the underlying longitudinal dynamics on a turn-byturn basis, the KIT storage ring
more » ... KIT storage ring KARA (Karlsruhe Research Accelerator) provides a wide variety of diagnostic systems. By synchronizing the single-shot electro-optical spectral decoding setup (longitudinal profile), the bunch-by-bunch THz detection systems (THz power) and the horizontal bunch size measurement setup (energy spread), three important properties of the bunch during this instability can be measured at every turn for long time scales. This allows a deep insight into the dynamics of the bunch under the influence of the microbunching instability. This contribution will discuss effects like the connection between the emitted CSR power and the deformations in the longitudinal bunch profile on the time scale of the instability.
doi:10.5445/ir/1000099072 fatcat:wt4oqyr3rvdrfa4y4vmxyw52fy