A reduced animal model approach to predicting total additive genetic merit for marker-assisted selection

S. Saito, H. Iwaisaki
1997 Genetics Selection Evolution  
Using a system of recurrence equations, best linear unbiased prediction applied to a reduced animal model (RAM) is presented for marker-assisted selection. This approach is a RAM version of the method with the animal model to reduce the number of equations per animal to one. The current RAM approach allows simultaneous evaluation of fixed effects and total additive genetic merit which is expressed as the sum of the additive genetic effects due to quantitative trait loci (QTL) unlinked to the
more » ... unlinked to the marker locus (ML) and the additive effects due to the QTL linked to the ML. The total additive genetic merits for animals with no progeny are predicted by the formulae derived for backsolving. A numerical example is given to illustrate the current RAM approach. marker-assisted selection / reduced animal model / best linear unbiased prediction / total additive genetic merit / combined numerator relationship matrix Résumé -Utilisation d'un modèle animal réduit pour prédire la valeur génétique
doi:10.1051/gse:19970102 fatcat:zgegkj56bzh5ji277iwpkp2jpi