F. E. Weston, H. Borns, W. Pollard Digby, W. Murray Morrison, The Chairman, Perkin
1907 Transactions of the Faraday Society  
referring to the difficulty of reducing silica with aluminium, said that by using silica in the form of kieselguhr and heating the mixture in a muffle furnace at about 5ooo C., then starting the reaction with a fuse of M g iibbon and a little M g powder, he had succeeded in making silicon, the reduction taking place smoothly and with ease. He had recently used aluminium for the reduction of rutil, producing titanium and silicon. The aluminium used was the finest powder obtainable. He asked the
more » ... able. He asked the author whether calcium could be obtained in the form of powder.
doi:10.1039/tf9070300117 fatcat:jiwt43djbvhh5exzy5duzbguni