A Proposal of Optimisation Method Based on Combinatorial Auction for Production Scheduling Problem(Machine Elements and Manufacturing)

Toshiya KAIHARA, Susumu FUJII, Katsuhito MIURA
Recently, produ ⊂tion schedu ] ing becomes increasingly irnportant in order to satisfy diversifying needs of coIlsumcrs and reducc unnecessary c 〔) st. s because 〔 }f the intensified cornpetition between enterprises , As 1 コroduction system becames large − sca ] eand complex , it is di 伍 cult to manage systems intensively . So aut ぐ , non ユous distributed sched し Lling is required , In conventienal researches , auction based scheduling , that is orle of the autonomous distributed scheduling ,
more » ... s been pruposed and recQgnised that it alle " rs quick decision − making and can respond dynamic environmenta ]variation 且exibly 、 but has a defect that thc uptimality is not ensured . On the other hand , recentiycombinatorial auction method attrac 亡 s attent 三 〇 n . CQmbinat ⊂ )rial auctiun . that is a ] 1 auction where bidders car ] bid on combinations of itenls. can effectively allocate inultiple { tenls. In 亡 his study , we propose an optimlzation method based (m combinatorial auclion for production s ⊂heduling pr ( ) blems . Due t〔 > using corr ")inatorial auctlon , we ca τ1 expect to realise a scheduling approach censidering both autolloll ユous distributed pr り perty and eptimality at the same time ,、Ve fり rlnulate twQ combinatorial auction medels such as m 〔 } del l aDd model 2 . Machin ピs bid for coinbination ofjobs in the mod ピ1 ] , and jobs] 〕id for combination Qf machine 「 s time $bt $ in the model 2 . We analyse the cha じacteristics of the proposed method with shnple scheduling pr 〔 }b ] ems as a baslc study in this paI)er ,
doi:10.1299/kikaic.75.1143 fatcat:etfh5z32krhwlgmztjhemsprhi