Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Geothermal Field of Buried Pipe Group Coupled with Heat and Permeable Groundwater

Xinbo Lei, Xiuhua Zheng, Chenyang Duan, Jianhong Ye, Kang Liu
2019 Energies  
The flow of groundwater and the interaction of buried pipe groups will affect the heat transfer efficiency and the distribution of the ground temperature field, thus affecting the design and operation of ground source heat pumps. Three-dimensional numerical simulation is an effective method to study the buried pipe heat exchanger and ground temperature distribution. According to the heat transfer control equation of non-isothermal pipe flow and porous media, combined with the influence of
more » ... influence of permeable groundwater and tube group, a heat-transfer coupled heat transfer model of the buried pipe group was established, and the accuracy of the model was verified by the sandbox test and on-site thermal response test. By processing the layout of the buried pipe in the borehole to reduce the number of meshes and improve the meshing quality, a three-dimensional numerical model of the buried pipe cluster at the site scale was established. Additionally, the ground temperature field under the thermal-osmotic coupling of the buried pipe group during groundwater flow was simulated and the influence of the head difference and hydraulic conductivity on the temperature field around the buried pipe group was calculated and analyzed. The results showed that the research on the influence of the tube group and permeable groundwater on the heat transfer and ground temperature field of a buried pipe simulated by COMSOL software is an advanced method.
doi:10.3390/en12193698 fatcat:gixkvfnc4rbaronsuwpeabekiu