A new periodic interdigital structure - three dimensional realization based on two dimensional design

H. Ning, J. Wang, Q. Xiong, L. Mao
2012 Journal of the European Optical Society-Rapid Publications  
A novel design concept of new periodic interdigital structure for total transmission is proposed from the perspective of electromagnetic (EM) field in this paper. The new structure is constructed in two-dimensional (2D) firstly by using the constructive interference of EM fields, and its transmission characteristic and band structure are calculated. Based on the calculated results, the interaction of the structure with EM fields is clearly demonstrated to provide a better physical understanding
more » ... sical understanding for the structure design. Meanwhile, the final three-dimensional (3D) implementation of the presented structure in actual printed circuit board is conducted for its potential applications. The maximum transmission frequency, bandgap and electric field distribution calculated by using the 2D structure and its final implementation all testify the validity of the realization process.
doi:10.2971/jeos.2012.12030 fatcat:m5y4uhnkzzaorj7wtket3vqj3m