The Expression: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal TULSIDAS' RAMAYANA

Manya Bhola
The book is an initiative of Paper Boat-the company that makes drinks. They have introduced and 'illustrated rendition of the timeless Ramayan-story of love and valour.' Amar Chitra Katha has specially designed and printed the mythology in a form of a graphic novel to provide interest to the children. Comic books and graphic novels have increased in popularity over the last few years and many children have turned into super-readers. This way of making stories interesting to read strengthens the
more » ... ead strengthens the reading skills of children, memory and learning (because of the visual aid) and hones the reading comprehension Ramayan is a tale of fight between gods and demons, Dharma and Adharma and it forms the foundation of Hindu literature and culture. It sings the adventures of Rama as he rescues the abducted Sita from the clutches of Kind Ravana. With more than 24,000 verses, it becomes one of the longest rendition of Hinduism. It is our culture "handed down from generation to generation, whose light shines bright in each of us." Written in 5 th century BCE by Valmiki, its exact origin remains unclear. The book under review runs over 160 pages and covers the entire Ram CharitManas. Encapsulated in these pages, the book gives us a glimpse of the glorious heritage of the indian mythology The book has been divided into five parts; a) The Childhood Days of Ram, b) Ram in Exile, c) The abduction of Sita, d) In search of Sita, and e) Ram the Victorious. It should be emphasised well that the motive of writing this 'handy' Ramayana is to seed interest in children. The sections have been divided by using a picture the most symbolic episode of the upcoming section as the representative image. This method of section segmentation makes it easy for the young readers to comprehend where the story is leading to. The story of Ramayana revolves around the son of King Dasarath and his wife Kuashalya. One of the king's wives, Kaikeyi, wants her son, Bharat, to throne the kingdom and to fructify this desire, she insists the King to send Rama with his wife into exile for fourteen years. Ram obeys this order and spends years in exile where Sita is abducted by King of Lanka, Ravana, the demonic antagonist of the epic. In the exile, Sita, Rama's wife, is abducted by Ravana and they enter into a long war with the help of the Vol. 3 Issue 6 (December 2017) Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Bijender Singh