Recent Literature The Practice of Surgery . A treatise on surgery for the use of practitioners and students. By Henry R. Wharton, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery, Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania; Surgeon to the Presbyterian and the Children's Hospitals; Consulting Surgeon to St. Christopher's Hospital and the Bryn Mawr Hospital; Fellow of the American Surgical Association, and B. Farquhar Curtis, M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery and Adjunct Professor of the Principles of Surgery in the Univer ...

1903 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
and the Memorial Hospital; Fellow of the American Surgical Association. Profusely illustrated. Third edition. Philadelphia and London: J. B. Lippincott Company. 1902. This book has reached its third edition, and is arranged in the following manner : First, a description of tho various injuries and surgical diseases sufficiently full to enable the practitioner to recognize them when met with in practical work ; second, full directions for the treatment of such injuries and diseases as would
more » ... eases as would usually be attended by the general practitioner; third, a sketch of the treatment of the more difficult conditions, such as would allow the*practitioner to advise patients intelligently in obtaining special skilled surgical attention ; fourth, an outline of the accepted facts and theories of tho etiology and pathology of tlje various surgical affections sufficient to form a foundation for the clinical picture and give elircctions for the treatment. A special chapter on the injuries of the eye and its appendages has beeu contributed by Professor de Schweinitz. The book as a whole is a very satisfactory one. It contains ¡ill the essential knowledge, and isa safe guide for students anel practitioners. The illustrations on dislocations arc capital, ¡intl the majority of the illustrations are original. A just appreciation of the importance of subjects has been maintained, and it may properly be said that it makes one of the best textbooks of surgery.
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