Avian TAP genes: detection of nucleotide polymorphisms and comparative analysis across species

L. Sironi, B. Lazzari, P. Ramelli, A. Stella, P. Mariani
2008 Genetics and Molecular Research  
TAP1 and TAP2 genes code for the two subunits of the transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP), and in chicken they are located between the two MHC class I genes. Using primers based on chicken sequences, the genomic regions corresponding to chicken TAP1 exons 6 to 7 and TAP2 exons 4 to 6 (which encode portions of the chicken TAP1 and TAP2 molecules corresponding to the human peptide-binding regions) were amplified and sequenced from chicken (70 birds), turkey (24), pheasant (6), and
more » ... guinea fowl (7). A total of 80 within-species single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified. None of the chicken SNPs detected here was present in public databases. The SNP frequencies in chicken were 9.57 SNP/kb in TAP1 and 19.16 SNP/kb in TAP2, while turkey showed similar SNP frequencies in the two genes. Putative amino acid sequences were inferred to identify non-synonymous substitutions.
doi:10.4238/vol7-4gmr505 fatcat:wx6vhqhg4rdldjssq5sgqaj2fq