The Spectrum of the Mass Donor Star in SS 433

D. R. Gies, W. Huang, M. V. McSwain
2002 Astrophysical Journal  
We present results from a short series of blue, moderate resolution spectra of the microquasar binary, SS 433. The observations were made at a time optimized to find the spectrum of the donor star, i.e., when the donor was in the foreground and well above the plane of the obscuring disk. In addition to the well-known stationary and jet emission lines, we find evidence of a weak absorption spectrum that resembles that of an A-type evolved star. These lines display radial velocity shifts opposite
more » ... ity shifts opposite to those associated with the disk surrounding the compact star, and they appear strongest when the disk is maximally eclipsed. All these properties suggest that these absorption lines form in the atmosphere of the hitherto unseen mass donor star in SS 433. The radial velocity shifts observed are consistent with a mass ratio M_X / M_O = 0.57 +/- 0.11 and masses of M_O = (19 +/- 7) M_sun and M_X = (11 +/- 5) M_sun. These results indicate that the system consists of an evolved, massive donor and a black hole mass gainer.
doi:10.1086/344436 fatcat:zrx4u7kc3vbupgl5bpbfya5gqe