Children's ideas of changes in the state of matter: solid and liquid salt

James Rodriguez, David Castro
This research examines children's (ages 12-13) ideas of changes in the state of matter of salt. Children construct ideas of physical phenomena and these ideas are serious to education. The change of state of matter is a transformation of substance due to the transfer of energy as heat. In several studies focused on children's ideas we find that these representations are often incompatible with the scientific model. In this research, where we studied the ideas of the melting and coagulation of
more » ... e salt attended 104 children aged 12 to 13 years. The results of an interview show that these children use different types of ideas, the majority dominated by the nature of the substance under study.
doi:10.24297/jah.v1i1.5151 fatcat:lajyxml4hneqfpzt7krenv4lum