A production inventory model with exponential demand rate and reverse logistics

Ritu Raj, Naresh Kumar Kaliraman, Shalini Chandra, Harish Chaudhary
2014 International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations  
The objective of this paper is to develop an integrated production inventory model for reworkable items with exponential demand rate. This is a three-layer supply chain model with perspectives of supplier, producer and retailer. Supplier delivers raw material to the producer and finished goods to the retailer. We consider perfect and imperfect quality products, product reliability and reworking of imperfect items. After screening, defective items reworked at a cost just after the regular
more » ... the regular manufacturing schedule. At the beginning, the manufacturing system starts produce perfect items, after some time the manufacturing system can undergo into "out-of-control" situation from "in-control" situation, which is controlled by reverse logistic technique. This paper deliberates the effects of business strategies like optimum order size of raw material, exponential demand rate, production rate is demand dependent, idle times and reverse logistics for an integrated marketing system. Mathematica is used to develop the optimal solution of production rate and raw material order for maximum expected average profit. A numerical example and sensitivity analysis is illustrated to validate the model.
doi:10.5267/j.ijiec.2014.7.006 fatcat:5ygdhmebfnd2fomuf5zcnzn7uu