From LTL to Unambiguous Büchi Automata via Disambiguation of Alternating Automata [article]

Simon Jantsch and David Müller and Christel Baier and Joachim Klein
2019 arXiv   pre-print
This paper proposes a new algorithm for the generation of unambiguous B\"uchi automata (UBA) from LTL formulas. Unlike existing tableau-based LTL-to-UBA translations, our algorithm deals with very weak alternating automata (VWAA) as an intermediate representation. It relies on a new notion of unambiguity for VWAA and a disambiguation procedure for VWAA. We introduce optimizations on the VWAA level and new LTL simplifications targeted at generating small UBA. We report on an implementation of
more » ... construction in our tool duggi and discuss experimental results that compare the automata sizes and computation times of duggi with the tableau-based LTL-to-UBA translation of the SPOT tool set. Our experiments also cover the analysis of Markov chains under LTL specifications, which is an important application of UBA.
arXiv:1907.02887v1 fatcat:ziqqezuqsnhhhf6rtp7ox2j7be