An Improvement of Estimation Method of Source Term to the Environment for Interfacing System LOCA for Typical PWR Using MELCOR code

Seok-Jung Han, Tae-Woon Kim, Kwang-Il Ahn
2017 Journal of Radiation Protection and Research  
Interfacing-system loss-of-coolant-accident (ISLOCA) has been identified as the most hazardous accident scenario in the typical PWR plants. The present study as an effort to improve the knowledge of the source term to the environment during ISLOCA focuses on an improvement of the estimation method. Materials and Methods: The improvement was performed to take into account an effect of broken pipeline and auxiliary building structures relevant to ISLOCA. An estimation of the source term to the
more » ... urce term to the environment was for the OPR-1000 plants by MELOCR code version 1.8.6. Results and Discussion: The key features of the source term showed that the massive amount of fission products departed from the beginning of core degradation to the vessel breach. Conclusion: The release amount of fission products may be affected by the broken pipeline and the auxiliary building structure associated with release pathway.
doi:10.14407/jrpr.2017.42.2.106 fatcat:cz2ctrq2anasfiulmbdibv4wai