Literature Review : Scripting in Qt for Scripting Engine development

Mrunali Tandel, Joshi Uday, Amit, Golhani
For an application development, the organization selects programming language according to the various requirements of the application. C/C++ is considered to be one of the strongest programming languages with advantages such as excellent performance and control over memory-layout to list a few. Though developing an entire application using C/C++ provides high performance, it becomes tedious for extending it. Only a programmer proficient in those languages can extend them and this dependency
more » ... this dependency can be time consuming. Scripting language can be considered as one of the option. If the entire application is developed in scripting language, it can be extended easily; enabling rapid application development, but the performance of the application will get degraded. In the competitive market of software, performance of the application, frequent updating and customisation plays an important role. The concept of scripting engine is introduced to ease the above tasks. From the number of frameworks available for C/C++ programming, Qt framework is considered for this research, as it is widely used and third-party scripting extensions are available in the market for Qt. With the Qt framework, the developer can integrate the performance critical application developed in C/C++ with the script to manage the user-interaction and non-performance critical events.