A reference material for establishing uncertainties in full-field displacement measurements

E Hack, X Lin, E A Patterson, C M Sebastian
2015 Measurement science and technology  
A simple reference material for establishing the minimum measurement uncertainty of optical systems for measuring 3D surface displacement ields in deforming objects is described and its use demonstrated by employing 3D digital image correlation as an exemplar technique. The reference material consists of a stepped bar, whose dimensions can be scaled to suit the application, and that can be clamped rigidly at its thick end to create an idealized cantilever. The cantilever was excited at
more » ... excited at resonance to generate out-of-plane displacements and, in a separate experiment, loaded statically in-plane to provide in-plane displacement ields. The displacements were measured using 3D digital image correlation and compared to the predicted displacement ields derived from tip delections obtained using a calibrated transducer that provided traceability to the national standard for length. The minimum measurement uncertainties were evaluated by comparing the measured and predicted displacement ields, taking account of the uncertainties in the input parameters for the predictions. It was found that the minimum measurement uncertainties were less than 3% for the Cartesian components of displacement present during static in-plane bending and less than 3 µm for out-of-plane displacements during dynamic loading. It was concluded that this reference material was more straightforward to use, more versatile and yielded comparable results relative to an earlier design.
doi:10.1088/0957-0233/26/7/075004 fatcat:wsck2dju6ve7bb5ul4igd7gfmi