The Gene Structure and Expression Level Changes of the GH3 Gene Family in Brassica napus Relative to Its Diploid Ancestors

Ruihua Wang, Mengdi Li, Xiaoming Wu, Jianbo Wang
2019 Genes  
The GH3 gene family plays a vital role in the phytohormone-related growth and developmental processes. The effects of allopolyploidization on GH3 gene structures and expression levels have not been reported. In this study, a total of 38, 25, and 66 GH3 genes were identified in Brassica rapa (ArAr), Brassica oleracea (CoCo), and Brassica napus (AnACnCn), respectively. BnaGH3 genes were unevenly distributed on chromosomes with 39 on An and 27 on Cn, in which six BnaGH3 genes may appear as new
more » ... y appear as new genes. The whole genome triplication allowed the GH3 gene family to expand in diploid ancestors, and allopolyploidization made the GH3 gene family re-expand in B. napus. For most BnaGH3 genes, the exon-intron compositions were similar to diploid ancestors, while the cis-element distributions were obviously different from its ancestors. After allopolyploidization, the expression patterns of GH3 genes from ancestor species changed greatly in B. napus, and the orthologous gene pairs between An/Ar and Cn/Co had diverged expression patterns across four tissues. Our study provides a comprehensive analysis of the GH3 gene family in B. napus, and these results could contribute to identifying genes with vital roles in phytohormone-related growth and developmental processes.
doi:10.3390/genes10010058 fatcat:vlunu5oiafgjleq6mpx2qtztu4