JAX - EZ Lysis Nuclei Isolation for 10x Genomics Assays v2 [post]

William F Flynn, Elise Courtois, Greg Greg Perry, sandy.daigle not provided, Paul.gabriel not provided, Diane Luo, Jessica Grassmann
The purpose of this protocol is to produce single nuclei from frozen human tissues for downstream assaying with the 10x Genomics Multiome assay. This protocol has been demonstrated using Human placenta tissue as well as human Glioblastoma. This protocol is modified from Sigma Aldrich Nuclei Isolation Kit: EZ Prep protocol and 10x Chromium Demonstrated protocol for Single Cell Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression Sequencing (CG000365).
doi:10.17504/protocols.io.b6cgratw fatcat:ukql4usspvay7b5kjogltfkflu