Space Travel: An Integrative View from the Scientists of the Topical Team "Stress and Immunity" [chapter]

Sarah Baatout, Alexander Choukèr, Ines Kaufmann, Nicola Montano, Siegfried Praun, Dominique de Quervain, Benno Roozendaal, Gustav Schelling, Manfred Thiel
2011 Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space  
For centuries, mankind has struggled to understand the profound complexity governing the principles of life and the universe. This quest has taken him on scientifi c journeys far and wide: from the exquisitely simple atomic structure of our DNA to the hellish and chaotic depths of our sun, the energy source for all life on Earth, and The European Space Agency has supported the teaming up of international experts in "Topical Teams". Topical Teams are open structures lead by European researchers
more » ... ropean researchers which should address a scientifi c fi eld in which gravity and access to space or planetary bodies constitute important cornerstones. The founding members of the Topical Team "Stress and Immunity", as listed in alphabetical order as authors of this perlude, were signifi cantly involved in the realization of this book, contributed to it and authored this chapter as a group. This prelude was supported also by Alex P. Salam.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-22272-6_2 fatcat:nbpm5mcsrraxllzhjptdwbivfq