Improved error-scaling for adiabatic quantum evolutions

Nathan Wiebe, Nathan S Babcock
2012 New Journal of Physics  
We present a technique that dramatically improves the accuracy of adiabatic state transfer for a broad class of realistic Hamiltonians. For some systems, the total error scaling can be quadratically reduced at a fixed maximum transfer rate. These improvements rely only on the judicious choice of the total evolution time. Our technique is error-robust, and hence applicable to existing experiments utilizing adiabatic passage. We give two examples as proofs-of-principle, showing quadratic error
more » ... quadratic error reductions for an adiabatic search algorithm and a tunable two-qubit quantum logic gate.
doi:10.1088/1367-2630/14/1/013024 fatcat:qviepjqg7re35dfe6wor3fqv6q