Adaptive Gradient-Based Optimization Method for Parameter Identification in Power Distribution Network

Bin Li, Yehai Jiang, Ke Hu, Xiangyi Zhou, Haoran Chen, Shihe Xu, Hao Jiao, Jinming Chen, B. Rajanarayan Prusty
2022 International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems  
Accurate device parameters play a critical role in the calculation and analysis of power distribution networks (PDNs). However, device parameters are always affected by the operating status and influenced by manual entry. Besides, the distribution area of PDN is very wide, which brings more challenges to parameter identification work. Therefore, developing appropriate algorithms for accurately identifying PDN parameters has attracted much more attention from researchers recently. Most of the
more » ... sting parameter identification algorithms are gradient-free and based on heuristic schemes. Herein, an adaptive gradient-based method is proposed for parameter identification in PDN. The analytical expressions of the gradients of the loss function with respect to the parameters are derived, and an adaptive updating scheme is utilized. By comparing the proposed method and several heuristic algorithms, it is found that the errors in both three criteria via our solution are much lower with a much smoother and more stable convergence of loss function. By further taking a linear transformation of the loss function, the method of this work significantly promotes the parameter identification performance with much lower variance in repeat experiments, indicating that the proposed method in this work achieves a more robust performance to identify PDN parameters. This work gives a practical demonstration by utilizing the gradient-based method for parameter identification of PDN.
doi:10.1155/2022/9300522 fatcat:bjn2cff6wjebdim7nvdolcb4p4