V.A.Muratov. To pathological physiology and differential diagnosis of cortical epilepsy. Medical Review. 1896, n ° 1

V. Zhestkov
2020 Nevrologičeskij vestnik  
The author cites the history of the illness of one patient with manifestations of cortical epilepsy: convulsions began on the face, then passed on to the arm and leg, for the most part the seizure was limited to one left side. Left n. facialis was paralyzed; in the left extremities - paresis with reduced rigidity and increased tendon reflexes, while in the arms paresis and rigidity were almost the same, and rigidity prevailed in the legs. After the seizure, the paralysis intensified sharply.
more » ... e seizures were preceded by a motor aura: clonic convulsions in the paralyzed limbs. Left side sensitivity was decreased; muscle feeling weakened, stronger in the arms, less in the legs. The patient died of tuberculous pneumonia. When opened, found in the right hemisphere softening, which occupied the lower third of the posterior central gyrus. Gyrus marginalis in the anterior part was destroyed. The softening into the depths did not extend equally. In the rear part, it went quite deep; the radiant end in the supramargi nalis area is softened, the system of long connecting paths, apparently, is not affected; small focus in the superior parietal gyrus In the middle of the focus, destruction is limited to the cortex. In the front part, the softening was located under the cortical layer and reached the inner capsule. Deep-lying gray masses, corpus callosum and cingulum have survived from destruction. Microscopic examination showed extensive degeneration in connective and adhesive pathways; the descending rebirth was barely expressed and was found only in Marchi.
doi:10.17816/nb46661 fatcat:snw5scn4kvfllpvmuv532hljee