2018 Ukraїna. Kul'turna spadshhina, nacіonal'na svіdomіst', derzhavnіst'  
It is noted that in the early 1960s in the Ukrainian SSR economy the "negative tendencies" caused by the imperfection of activities of Regional Economic Soviets, as well as a number of subjective factors (significant shabbiness of the basic production funds, deformed structure of the allocation of productive forces, slowing down in real income growth). While analyzing the agro-industrial complex of the Rivne region, the successes and failures of the party-Soviet leadership in the development of
more » ... the development of major industries and agriculture are shown, and the shortcomings of the heads of individual industrial enterprises are pointed out. It was stressed that the Lviv Regional Economic Soviet and its management paid insufficient attention to subordinate enterprises. He weakly supervised their work and did not provide specific assistance in overcoming their backwardness, nor provided qualified personnel. It has been shown that such programs as accelerating technological progress in all industries, improving technical and economic indicators in industry and construction, as well as implementing the experience of enterprises that have effectively used capital investment, have minimized labor costs per unit of output, remained unfulfilled. Solving these problems would allow increasing the level of industrial production, to solve the problem of employment of unemployed people, to use natural resources more effectively. The author argues that the economic reform of 1965, which helps to the restoration of a centralized governance model based on Union-wide sectoral ministries and agencies, was inevitable. Further research prospects are the analysis of the living standards of the USSR population in the 1950s and 1960s in the context of the current socio-economic and socio-political processes. Keywords: Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU), Rivne region, industry, economy, economic stagnation, State Planning Committee of the USSR.
doi:10.33402/ukr.2018-31-38-45 fatcat:a262sqhgwbegnigjh33zk65s34