Sustainable University: Towards the energy transition through photovoltaic electricity generation and energy efficiency

Tiberio Venegas-Trujillo, Luis Contreras-Aguilar, Luz Villagran-Villegas, Juan Laguna-Camacho
2020 Journal Schools of Economic Thought and Methology  
The Higher Education Institutions have the challenge for becoming in sustainables universities. Nowadays, it has been implemented many policies and actions in order to innovate in strategic areas. The main goal is integrating social responsible and this means acting as a leader in the social context. The environmental and energy areas have become the keystone to impulse substantial changes. Concern to electricity, the University of Colima has increased its consume in 3% per year, this has
more » ... ed in the payments to the electric utility in 9%. Consume of energy has been divided in four groups of users. Air conditioners represent 50%, lighting 20%, electronic devices 20% and services 10%. This project focuses in replacing inefficient air conditioners and lighting systems, this will impact on reducing 13% of the total amount of energy consumed by the university. Besides, this project takes into account to generate electricity by using five Photovoltaic Interconnected Systems. These changes will reduce the consume 13% of the total amount of energy. The Photovoltaic Interconnected Systems will have a capacity of 2.3 MWp distributed in five campus of the university. These PV Interconnected Systems will produce 34.61% of the total electricity demanded by the university. This project will avoid emitting 3,968 Ton CO2 to the atmosphere.
doi:10.35429//jsetm.2020. fatcat:gtowewcatjdphcrsmtfztkdjnm