LCC from April 2012-June 2012 Lists

Eric Friede
2012 Theology Cataloging Bulletin  
The class letter identifies the schedule to which changes and additions are made. New captions are accompanied by a full hierarchy as necessary; changes are indicated by a cancelled line and the addition of a new line. Changes are also highlighted in gray. Numbers that appear in square brackets are not printed in the printed editions of the classification schedules. They are shown on this list only to indicate the location of the corresponding caption or reference within the classification.
more » ... classification. This list also includes selected changes and additions outside the B-BX classes relating to religious topics or library science. Please send comments, suggestions, or corrections to me at:
doi:10.31046/tcb.v20i4.1340 fatcat:tnf3kcun2re2vf5khupzcgpp2q