Experimental and transient/harmonic numerical investigations for the risk assessment of a rotor response after blade off with radial blade-off

Loïc Peletan, Philipe Voinis, Sébastien Baguet, Georges Jacquet Richardet, Mohamed Torkhani, Loïc Peletan, Ludovic May
In nuclear power plant turbosets, the design-basis accident consists of a blade the accidental shutdown, a severe rotor-casing contact interaction may occur at critical speeds due to large shaft line displacements originated by a high imbalance excitation. EDF must be able to check that the bearings are capable of withstanding the loads developed during passing through critical speeds in the deceleration phase without catastrophic consequences for th shaft line. The targeted non-linearity is
more » ... non-linearity is due to frictional rotor EURoPE test rig. This test bench has been designed for experimental investigation of rotor shutdown. The second focus of the paper is on a modeling framework tailored to simulating the overall dynamic behavior of a non linear rotor subjected to imbalance. A 1Dequations due to contact conditions are solved through an explicit multiplier approach dealing with a node-to-line contact strategy used for fast assessment of the model steady-state
doi:10.17020/vishno.2014.00759455 fatcat:jss3kfxp2fafdk22hppnxswjoq