Cointegration of single-transistor neurons and synapses by nanoscale CMOS fabrication for highly scalable neuromorphic hardware

Joon-Kyu Han, Jungyeop Oh, Gyeong-Jun Yun, Dongeun Yoo, Myung-Su Kim, Ji-Man Yu, Sung-Yool Choi, Yang-Kyu Choi
2021 Science Advances  
Cointegration of multistate single-transistor neurons and synapses was demonstrated for highly scalable neuromorphic hardware, using nanoscale complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) fabrication. The neurons and synapses were integrated on the same plane with the same process because they have the same structure of a metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor with different functions such as homotype. By virtue of 100% CMOS compatibility, it was also realized to cointegrate the
more » ... rons and synapses with additional CMOS circuits. Such cointegration can enhance packing density, reduce chip cost, and simplify fabrication procedures. The multistate single-transistor neuron that can control neuronal inhibition and the firing threshold voltage was achieved for an energy-efficient and reliable neural network. Spatiotemporal neuronal functionalities are demonstrated with fabricated single-transistor neurons and synapses. Image processing for letter pattern recognition and face image recognition is performed using experimental-based neuromorphic simulation.
doi:10.1126/sciadv.abg8836 fatcat:lvuq7ctsdzbxdegzaksbfzk43u