1921 Journal of Heredity  
The best egg markets in the country show a preference for while-shelled eggs. Yet, at the present time, all of our "general purpose" breeds of poultry are layers of brown-shelled eggs. White-shelled eggs are laid by hens of the Mediterranean breeds, such as the White Leghorn, but this breed does not produce meat as the Plymouth Rock does. How a new breed has been "made to order," combining the desired qualities of meat an<3 white egg production is told in the following pages. Not the least
more » ... esting feature of this nvestigation is that it is one of the first attempts to do under scientific control conditions what poultry breeders have frequently done in practice-to develop a new breed by blending desired characters from two or more established breeds. Three breeds were usedthe White Plymouth Rock, the Single Comb White Leghorn and the Silver Gray Dorking. This picture shows a crossbred female (No. 6008) hatched in 1919. It has a red ear lobe and lays a white-shelled egg. Note the length of body, capacity for egg production, and great length of breast. To date this hen combines in the greatest degree the many characters sought by the originator. (Frontispiece) Downloaded from https
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