Multivariate Water Quality Assessment of Renowned Pilgrim Spot, Gujarat, India: A Statistical Approach

Sheju Thomas, Hiren Soni, Ashok Saxena
2017 Current World Environment  
Gomti Palustrine Habitat is one of the renowned pilgrimage ponds of Central Gujarat, India. In the present research, different statistical tests were applied to 21 water quality parameters to trace and delineate the status of water quality. The present study was undertaken for one year (December, 2012 to November, 2013 with monthly sampling covering three successive seasons (winter, summer, monsoon). Three permanent sampling stations (V1, V2, V3) were selected to cover the cross-sectional and
more » ... oss-sectional and diagonal regime of wetland. Ionic Signatures (IS) confirmed the wetland to be dominated with Ca and HCO 3 -, indicating leaching of minerals from drainage basins. Index of Base Exchange (IBE) supported the enrichment of Na + ions in the water regime owing to clay horizons. Exchangeable Sodium Ratio (ESR) (1.416 meq/l) and Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR) (1.367 meq/l) found to be minimal referring to leaching and dissolution of salts during precipitation. Surface water quality is exhibited by low Salinity and low Sodicity zone, can be used for irrigation purpose. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) identified a reduced number of mean of 3 varifactors indicating that 93.35 % of temporal and spatial changes affect the water quality drastically. First factor from the factor analysis explained a total of 74.44 % among TH, HCO 3 -, Mg, Cl, salinity and K + . One way ANOVA revealed that Sampling Site 2 is maximally loaded with aquatic pollutants, followed by Sampling Site 3 and Sampling Site 1 (Site description is given in the later section of the paper). These outcomes manifested prime necessity to restore the physical, chemical and biological integrity of water quality to revert the ecological balance of an aquatic ecosystem. keywords Gomti palustrine habitat, Surface water quality, Multivariate approach, Ionic trend, Ionic signatures, PCA, ANOVA.
doi:10.12944/cwe.12.3.10 fatcat:yscyzpimkjetzp36euaqesjliu