The Correlation Between the Opponent's Error with the Team Victory of the Volleyball National Team on 2019 Peace Cup Participants

Tirto Apriyanto, Muhammad Ilham
2020 Proceedings of the 1st South Borneo International Conference on Sport Science and Education (SBICSSE 2019)   unpublished
This study aimed to determine the correlation between opponent's error with the team victory of the volleyball national team on 2019 Peace Cup participants. This research method used a survey method with correlational techniques, which was a study to collect data obtained from the results of the Peace Cup friendly competition using VIS (Volleyball Information System) software. The research population was all participants of the 2019 Peace Cup match, and the sample taken was the Indonesian
more » ... he Indonesian national team of men and women. The research results obtained by the regression equation Y to X is = 16.332 + 1.034 X, then obtained Fcount = 4.318> Ftable = 3.52. It rejects Ho but the calculation result is significant (at α = 0.05). The coefficient of determination of opponent's error with winning team is (rxy²) = 0.185. This also means that 18.5% of team victory (Y) are determined by opponent's error (X).
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.200219.046 fatcat:gq4kpfqeevhj5jbphj4otye4ui