Ogłoszenie, a nie "przybicie" 95 tez przez Marcina Lutra

Helmut Jan Sobeczko
2017 Studia Oecumenica  
In announcements of the 500 th anniversary of Reformation in Poland very often appeared statements that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on indulgences on the door of the castlechurch in Wittenberg (31.10.1517). However in the light of historical research, especially lead by prof. Erwin Iserloh ( † 1996), it is customary to say that on October 31 st 1517 Martin Luther sent letters to his bishop Hieronymus Schultz in Brandenburg and to bishop Albrecht of Mainz. Luther asks there both prelates
more » ... here both prelates to concern of the theological correctness of the preachers, to remove the abuses in the "market of the indulgences" as well as to deepen theological doctrine on indulgences. The letter was neither aggressive nor insulting, butcontrary -full of courtesy. But Luther didn't get any answer. The first to spread the information about the nailing of the theses and, indeed, to begin the legend was Luther's collaborator and professor in Wittenberg, Philip Melanchthon ( † 1560). However, due to many causes and circumstances it would be difficult to determine the exact date of the beginning of Reformation, the symbolic date of October 31 st 1517 has been commonly adopted.
doi:10.25167/soe/17/2017/165-171 fatcat:cdiwtrtadbhydnl5unzdqaqeey