An Analysis of Middle-Aged Women's Involvement in Fashion and Beauty Depending on Their Participation in Belly Dance
중년여성의 벨리댄스 참여에 따른 패션·뷰티관여도

Eun-Jung Kim, Tae-Gi Gwak
2012 The Korean Society of Costume  
Today, people are obsessed with fashion, makeup, hair care, weight control, and plastic surgery. In order to be satisfied with their appearance and attract attention, they invest so much time and money. The core values of many people are influenced heavily by materialism and appearance. Belly dancing is effective not only in just weight loss, but it also improves the health and corrects body postures like pelvis correction, and it also gives the dancers the pleasure of dancing to exotic music.
more » ... g to exotic music. A growing number of women in their 40s or older and senior citizens have become maniacs of belly dancing. The studies suggest that the participation in belly dancing helps increase life satisfaction and self-respect of the middle aged who often suffer from depression. Belly dancing has a strong effect in the life style of the middle-aged women. The costume and accessories necessary for belly dancing class help the participants) focus on the dance. These costumes and accessories reflect the desire of the wearer to be recognized in society. It is well shown in belly dancing that "fashion and beauty related services and products are used as an indicator to tell social status and position of the wearer as external elements like clothes, accessories, and physical appearance and have a highly important effect on interactions among people in society as a means of expressing oneself." In this respect, this study aims to examine middle-aged women's involvement in fashion and beauty depending on their participation in belly dancing. Key words: belly dance (벨리댄스), involvement in Beauty(뷰티관여도), involvement in Fashion(패션관여도), middle aged women(중년여성) 1)
doi:10.7233/jksc.2012.62.4.195 fatcat:ppuunxgubjco3ohyksxqpuskmi