Metallothionein IIA is up-regulated by hypoxia in human A431 squamous carcinoma cells

B J Murphy, K R Laderoute, R J Chin, R M Sutherland
1994 Cancer Research  
The expression of metallothionein IIA (MT-IIA) was investigated in A431 human squamous carcinoma cells exposed to hypoxia (pO < or = 0.01% of atmospheric pO2) and subsequent reoxygenation. Northern analysis showed that MT-IIA mRNA levels were significantly increased during 14 h of hypoxia and during reoxygenation. Western blotting confirmed that total MT protein levels were also increased in response to these stresses. Evidence of the transcriptional control of MT-IIA expression in hypoxic and
more » ... n reoxygenated A431 cells was found using a 0.2-kilobase sequence of the proximal 5'-regulatory region of the MT-IIA gene in a chloramphenicol acetyltransferase reporter gene construct. Thus the proximal promoter of the human MT-IIA gene appears to contain a hypoxic response element(s). These observations indicate that MT-IIA may have an important role in the stress responses of cells in solid tumors.
pmid:7954405 fatcat:kgnmvqgfaneubfk5a4rudzzxsm