Micellar and Interfacial Behavior of Mixed Systems Containing Anionic-nonionic Gemini Surfactant

Hong Chen, Baowei Zhu, Haiyan Liu
2020 IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering  
The Anionic-nonionic Gemini Surfactant oxalamide polyoxyethylene lauryl ether(9)succinate sodium sulfonate(OPLES-9) was synthesized. It was mixed with the anionic surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate(SDS) and the nonionic surfactant dodecanol polyoxyethylene(9) ether (AEO 9 ) respectively in different ratios to enhance application performance. The experimental results showed that the surface performance of the mixed systems was more superior to the relevant single surfactants. The mixed critical
more » ... e mixed critical micelle concentration (CMC) of the binary surfactant systems was determined by surface tension measurement. Critical micelle concentration of mixed system reached the minimum 0.146mmol˙L -1 when the molar fraction of OPLES-9 to SDS was 1:1. Critical micelle concentration of OPLES-9/AEO 9 mixed system reached the minimum 0.259mmol˙L -1 when the molar fraction of OPLES-9 to AEO 9 was 0.9:1.
doi:10.1088/1757-899x/729/1/012071 fatcat:rmzq27xe55dxrnjhv4k3rp3z2u