A review on heritable improvement in yield potential and morphological traits of cereal and pulse crops in Ethiopia

Mihret Yirgu
Major research efforts have been directed towards the improvement of crop yields through breeding. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the amount of fundamental research being done on cereals and pulses crops. Crop breeders have been released considerable number of early-maturing, disease and insect resistance, wide adaptable and drought tolerance varieties for lowland, mid-altitude and highland areas of Ethiopia. Information on the magnitude of heritable crop improvement
more » ... and morphological traits from breeding efforts is very crucial. Therefore, this paper was to review the heritable improvement in yield potential and assess changes associated traits made over time on cereals and pulses crops in Ethiopia. This review helps to develop effective and efficient breeding strategies by assess the past improvement works in genetic yield potential. It enables to revise and redesign appropriate approach on future breeding programme and will give as direction in short and long breeding plan.