Ensaio, ignorância, desobramento: um espaço titubeante entre aula e cena

Juliana Jardim
2016 Urdimento  
The paper stems from a postdoctoral research, which hinges upon the issues of essay, ignorance and unwork, to make up a space between class and scene. The idea of a between becomes paramount for a philosophical essay which aims to consider the encounter amidst texts. The aforementioned space is found between practice and thought and shall be defined throughout the paper, with a view to moving among its subject matters. Parallels, maybe unlikely ones, are drawn by joining the pair Joseph Jacotot
more » ... pair Joseph Jacotot and Jacques Rancière to Michel de Montaigne's essaylike gestures, in his original compositional space, in addition to other connections, to think of the idea of encounter between class and scene, which triggers the possibility of some inoperativeness.
doi:10.5965/1414573101262016310 fatcat:uf2dccd25zbatekfqa7zknmg5i