Magnetic Field Generation by Galactic Winds [chapter]

S. J. Spencer, L. E. Cram
1993 The Cosmic Dynamo  
A b s t r a c t . A new mechanism is presented for the local amplification and possible global dynamo maintenance of non-axisymmetric large-scale magnetic fields in disk galaxies. Shear in a galactic wind or large-scale flow of ionised gas with components axial and radial to the disk plane may regenerate large-scale magnetic fields. Numerical results are presented from kinematic mathematical models based on a local (thin disk) approximation and an exact three-dimensional formulation. The
more » ... ensional thin-disk model illustrates the possibility of exponential amplification and the resulting local axial spatial structure of large-scale galactic magnetic fields. Three-dimensional results support the possibility of global wind dynamo action. = V x ( v x B ) -V x (77V χ Β ) . (1) 345 F. Krause et al. (eds.), The Cosmic Dynamo, 357-348.
doi:10.1007/978-94-011-0772-3_65 fatcat:ffluy6jidnaotblwd5so6bt5ku