A Novel Inertial-Aided Star Pattern Matching Method for Distributed Multiple FoVs

Rong Wang, Yuxuan Cao, Jianye Liu, Zhi Xiong
2020 International Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
An aerospace vehicle in high-speed flight involves distributed multiple fields of view (FoVs) of a star sensor, and the maneuvering of the vehicle requires inertial-aided star pattern matching. Accordingly, an inertial-aided star pattern matching method for distributed multiple FoVs is proposed. First, the observation and fusion principles of distributed multiple FoVs are illustrated. Then, an inertial-aided star pattern matching scheme is designed based on the space-time distribution of the
more » ... tribution of the line-of sight (LoS) vector and inertial measurement information. Next, an LoS vector estimation method assisted by inertial information and the dynamic establishment of a distributed local catalog are proposed. Finally, in a simulation, the dynamic establishment of the part catalog improves the efficiency of star pattern matching by reducing the catalog scale, and the usability of inertial-aided star pattern matching is analyzed for different gyro and accelerometer precisions.
doi:10.1155/2020/2676210 fatcat:wn6ojvtaqnb3zlha4vm56rlv4u