The LAMA prototype telescope

Bruce E. Truax, Kenneth M. Lanzetta, Paul Hickson, Arne L. Ardeberg, Torben Andersen
2004 Second Backaskog Workshop on Extremely Large Telescopes  
As a step toward the Large-Aperture Mirror Array, the LAMA consortium is planning the construction of a prototype telescope. Intended as a test bed for the required technologies, the LAMA Prototype Telescope (LPT) would be a coherent array of six 6.15-m liquid mirrors. Like LAMA, each telescope would be provided with tracking optics, pathlength equalization, phase tracking and adaptive systems. The beam combiner, consisting of six concave adaptive mirrors, would have the Fizeau geometry
more » ... au geometry enabling wide-field interferometric imaging. In order to facilitate construction, testing and operation, the LPT would be located at or near a developed astronomical site in the continental United States. While the primary purpose of the facility is to develop and prove the LAMA concept and technologies, it would also be a powerful instrument for scientific research. With a light-collecting area equivalent to that of a 15-m telescope, the LPT would be capable of interferometric imaging with the resolution of a 20m telescope. The telescope would be provided with a multi-band infrared imaging camera and visible-wavelength spectrograph. This paper describes the telescope design and discusses the main technical challenges that must be faced.
doi:10.1117/12.566272 fatcat:vxjlblbho5hsvbtu4br4bfw35y