Effects of Different Drying Treatments on Preservation of Organic Compounds in Dalbergia bariensis Wood

Lin Yang, Tao Jiang, Honghai Liu, Kaifu Li
2015 BioResources  
Rosewood furniture and handicrafts are appreciated by Chinese people on account of their rich aroma and pleasing feel. The unique characteristics of rosewood are attributed to the presence of certain organic compounds in its gum canal and parenchyma cells. However, modern wood drying is different from traditional technology with respect to protecting those valuable organic compounds in wood. In this study, to investigate the valuable organic compounds in Dalbergia bariensis, and the effect of
more » ... and the effect of drying treatments on their preservation rates, wood extracts, untreated and treated with conventional drying (CD), vacuum drying (VD), and vacuum freeze drying (VFD), were analyzed by gas chromatographymass spectrometry (GC-MS). The results indicated that there were some compounds with obvious pharmaceutical functions in Dalbergia bariensis, which can be used to improve the furniture function in health care. Also, the preservation of these compounds was affected by drying treatment; VFD drying preserved the maximum amount of organic compounds in wood.
doi:10.15376/biores.10.4.7092-7104 fatcat:2yrok4ipergjbcdkkgrwiqs3qy